Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Challenge #12 L.O's

As a reminder...this weeks challenge was from Christine. Thanks again hon! it was a perfect L.O for lifting and guys you all did so well with it too...these L.O's are amazing! I know for many of you this was a hard one...but it was worth it. Come & see what I mean.









I unfortunately haven't had two minutes free to be able to tackle the challenge myself...but I will try & squeeze it in this week & post it here. So pop back in a couple of days. Once again thanks a stack for playing along everyone. I'll pick a random RAK winner in the AM, with the new L.O for lifting. It's gonna be the stiffest challenge yet.

Chaio for now!


  1. Eish! Can you REALLY make it any stiffer? A single word title and 5 patterned papers... I think the ladies did an "amaze"-ing job though and love that you are able to get such a response from your blogging public/fan club.
    Hope the sun shines for you tomorrow my friend, we are having rain and lightning now.

  2. Lovely job, everyone! I'm inspired to do another one. It's hard with OWL (one little word). I'm glad you got my layout...but that other one (fountain pen) was just for fun, not for #12!

  3. It's wonderful to see all the different interpretations of the lift, everyone did such a great job. I really enjoyed this scrap lift, it challenged me. Never thought to use stars until I was half way through the layout.

  4. Such AWESOME LOs!!! Oh, I'm so bummed! We have had a couple of nasty days (from nasty colds, to lots of trouble at work for Brian, to NO computers available at home -all three were NOT working!!!) so I didn't have a chance to finish mine!!! Oh man! I'll post it as soon as I have a chance to complete it!

  5. Wow - what a great array of interpretations. Look forward to whateer you throw our way again!

    Hows this weather girl??

  6. If you look at all these "amazing" layouts you can't believe one little word and one sketch inspired them all...I love this Kim...I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  7. Lovely challenge again Kim..sorry i didn't play along for the previous one. Had a minor accident and it's shaken me up good and solid.

    We had our first snowfall last friday, and with it came the frozen rain, so the roads were really slippery.
    I drive a Chrysler mini-van and as I took a bend it hit an ice patch, slid across the road hit a curb, slid into oncoming traffic and bounced off the opposite curb (it was airborne for a bit), then it slammed down and hit the right curb, upon which a tyre blew, the axel broke and all 4 rims crumpled like beer cans...luckily nobody was hurt (I had my 2 girls with me) and we didn't hit any other vehicles or people.

    It was just scary :(

  8. Lovely layouts girls! I am just to darn lazy to attempt any!


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