Friday, November 07, 2008

I'm back!

Morning all from far & wide....I know I have been a hideous blogger of late!! Some days I find blogging such huge pressure, that I go into serious denial & pretend blogger doesn't exist. Do know how liberating it feels???? I do however realise that if I am not blogging, then I am not reading blogs either. So to all my wonderful bloggy buddies I have out there, please do not feel rejected or unloved....I am still around just a tad quiet.

My life has been rather busy of late....I have had so many projects to finish that I can almost scrap in my sleep. Then to add to my already long to-do, list my November Cocoa Daisy kit arrived finally, oooh! it is so late this month because it was caught by customs; I could tell by all their awful SARS tape all over the box. Someone had a fine time rummaging through the box, just in case there was something they could charge me duty for, don't they have more important things to do with their time, like catch real criminals??? hahaha! Anyways, I am just so glad it has finally arrived & as usual it is gorgeous. If you are keen to see what the other DT girls did with their kits, take a look here & if you would like to see what Stacy Julian did with her kit, take a look here. Everyones pages are amazing!!

Now to the serious you like RAK's?? Well it is Cocoa Daisy's 2nd year birthday & Tricia is having a stack of RAK giveaway's over the next little while. This weeks one, is for Autumn leaves stamps, go & take a look here, leave a comment & Tricia will draw a winner on Saturday. Also we are having a L.O challenge contest, have a look here & take a stab at entering, you never know you might just win something yummy!

Our household not only has been filled with the sights & sounds of Spring, but also the sights & sounds of a ridiculously happy little boy with a new set of drums. As you know Maxi is musical, but here in Cape Town, it has been impossible to find a violin teacher willing to take on a 4yr old. So second place on Maxi's list of instruments, was these we could organize for him. We placed an order for this little kit (we were instructed that it had to be red ;o) from our local music store. It arrived yesterday evening to peals of joy from Max. His words to us were:

"Guys, I am so happy with my new drums, I could just cry!"

And of course the minute he opened his eyes this AM he jumped right onto the drums (which slept in his room last night)c & gave us a little impromptu concert of 'WE WILL, WE WILL ROCK
YOU'! Is this cute or what???

Well lovely ones, that's all for now. I must go & do some photography while the sun is out.
I'll blog soon, I promise.
Over & out!


  1. I am pretty sure there are people in Bellville who would teach a 4 year old the violin, I can make enquiries for you. Next you will need some sound proofing... Love the post and can't wait to see what you do with the SARS approved kit.

  2. That is seriously adorable. Max the musician. Very cool.
    Missed ya. Glad you're back.

  3. This is a seriously cute pic for the Gramsy - you rock us Max - go wild, love you

  4. oh my goodness, that made me laugh out loud, FOR REAL! How cute can little Maxx be???

  5. Awh - Maxy is a born entertainer! He has been entertaining us through your blog for some time now! Imagine when he's a famous musician one day how precious this picture will be! Good luck with all your projects and enjoy plaing with your new CD kit! It looks fab! :)

  6. Good to see you back blogging! And we will get together for coffee when you come down to PE!

  7. he is indeed super duper cute! that kit is also quite cute!

  8. My DS 24 now, got his drum kit for his 16th birthday and has never looked back. In fact the drums have been a life saver. Only clever mums allow drums, because the others don't know that if and when they start a band, drums can't be transported that easily and everybody comes to your house to jam!! Sure the noise is bad, but it beats not knowing where he is and who he is with. And you become seriously cool, because suddenly the noise on TV starts to sound like music in comparison and you start knowing all the cool band's names!
    And you know what? the drums, like any other instrument, when played well gives you goosebumps!
    He's a real cutie.


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