Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cards for the holidays!


Being in the Holiday mood, I thought what better way to celebrate,
than to make some easy Christmas & holiday cards for my family
& friends all over the world. My December Cocoa Daisy kit was perfect for the project too. So without too many extras, I was able to whip these beaut's up in a flash!

I'll be posting a card a day on the Daisy Diva blog, for the next x4 days...so make sure you pop over there for a daily update, OK! 

Remember we would love to see your creations, so if you get the time to make some of these cards of your own, PLEASE upload them into the Cocoa Daisy gallery for everyone to enjoy too :o)


KJ x


  1. Love each and every one...you're so talented. I'm still finishing up some cards, I ran out again, so I may gather some inspiration from yours...I adore that scalloped wreath one!!!

  2. I love your cards. Have never made any...one day I will use up all my scraps:)

  3. Wow. stunning. I am the first to admit that I can't make a card worth crap! Mine really stink. Just can't do it.

    Your cards inspire me. I won't be making cards, but I think I'll use that little tree idea for my december daily album.

    The husband and I were talking about you last night. Was your nose tingling?

  4. Lovely as usual my friend... and even better seeing them in person. Whipped up indeed!

  5. AW, MAN!!! I think I missed those!!! I'll have to go anyways!


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