Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gotta luv scrapbooking!

I love scrapbooking.....(if you haven't already realised that by now). I love everything about it, the art, photography & opportunity to be able to express myself; as well as the extended diverse community I have had the privilege of meeting & befriending.

OK, I know I am gushing & rambling on but that's what blogs are for aren't they and I am just so ridiculously happy right about now, I could pop. My hard work is paying off because I have just had another whole bunch of pages selected for publication.....x6 to be exact.

Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbook trends & Scrapbook etc (and it was my first submission to them too :o)

I feel so Christmas has come early! Thanks (to all the mags I just mentioned) my opinion you guys ROCK!

I feel a serious *Happy dance* coming on............Fa-La-La-La!


  1. *mwah! mwah! mwah!*

    i just love you!

  2. Shimmy, shimmy and a step to the left.
    We're all very proud of you and share your joy!

  3. Congrats!! How exciting for you! I can't wait to see your stuff in the mags!

  4. Congratulations Kim! You obviously don't only love it you are GREAT at it!

  5. Awesome news!!! Now, you're getting paid for each one, right? $50 or $100? You are an awesome photographer and designer...and deserve every bit. Honestly, looking through my Dec 2008 CK, I wish they'd replaced Ali's article with one by YOU.

  6. Hey Darlin'...lookit you go!!
    That's fabulous Kim...just let us know which issues and I'll be sure to grab them...have a wonderful Christmas Watsons :)

  7. Wowzas! Of course, I'm not surprised! Good job.
    Now, pass your knowledge on to us, Master! How can we get so lucky?

  8. YAY, YAY, YAY!!!! I'm sooo happy, my dear friend! You ROCK! You are my fave scrapbooker, I will NEVER STOP saying that!!!
    hugs, my dear!!! LUV YA!!!!

  9. Ho hum....I told you so.....

    You rock girlfriend.


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