Friday, April 17, 2009

M.M March L.O!

I still cannot find my March MM mag but seeing as it is a month since the mag came out, I thought it would be OK to post the page here. It was the first time I had experimented with so many photo's on one page & was so happy with the result.

What can I say...Spring in the Cape is quite amazing!

Hope you have a super Spring filled day!


  1. This is lovely Kim, love how you have put so many photo's on it. It just flows... I was going through your galery too, has anyone told you lately that you do amazing work !!!

  2. Hey Girl, I got my mag and saw you in it, love it...!!!

  3. I have that mag, from my RAK the other day, but I thought you had 2?
    Trust you are feeling much better and that Roxy has left his stiches and staples alone.

  4. I love that layout!! Love the shot of your shoes, and the little photo you have tucked in the corner. MM should send you a copy. I got 2 mags from them (and my check! hehe). Have a great day!!

  5. Love the layout--especially that you were able to use so many photos and still keep the page pretty & "lite".
    I don't get MM magazine, so I'm glad you shared!

  6. Hey you!!! This is truly a awesome layout!!!!!(again)

    You were just blessed with such a wonderfull talent!!!!

    I would also like to receive the MM mags. where can I go for that?

  7. Lovely & fresh & I am inspired to print some little photos & get cracking!

  8. I love this is so filled with little surprises. I love the blue with the red....and girl, I love them red shoes:)

  9. I totally saw it, Kim!!! That one and another one, too (was it the issue before??)
    LOVE your work!!!


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