Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Flower tutorial.

Mornin' all...thought I'd get you inspired to try your hand at a bit of sewing. For those of you panicking...please don't! The word sewing doesn't include the use of any machinery but rather the old fashioned needle & thread.

This is a tutorial I put together recently for the Cocoa Daisy Spring crop we held a week or so ago. It is really easy & worth a try. ;)


*First start with a strip of fabric...the wider you cut it the bigger your flower will end up.
*Fold it in half width wise so you get a clean edge for the 'petals'.
*Pin & tack stitch it closed...remember to stop 1cm short on one end for joining the flower together.


*Holding the fabric in one hand & the thread still attached to the needle in the other, gently gather the fabric to one side.
*Once completely gathered, back stitch to stop it unraveling.


*With the right sides together, back stitch the x2 ends together to secure the flower circle.
*The flower is now complete.


*Using a large decorative brad or button through the middle, secure the flower onto your page.

Voila! all done...simple & effective way to make your own embellishments ;)

I hope it was helpful??
Happy scrappin'!


  1. Thank you for the step-by-step.
    I can see you did this tutorial after you voted...tell tale mark on your thumb:)

    Oh yes my scrappy friends on PersonalScrapper wanted to know whether it is my friend features on the front of I got so sing your praises!

  2. Great tutorial Kim, love it!

  3. Wow!!!! Thanx Kim, I love this flower......

    I think I will mosie on over to my stash right now for some creatin'!!!!

    Hope your birthday was everything you wanted it to be....

  4. HA ha... I agree with Lynette about the thumb! I haven't got to sing your praises wider than the scrap group yet, but they all know how we are proud to support our local lady made CK cover girl.

  5. Love the flower...such a pretty pattern and colors and that button is awesome!

  6. That is beautiful Kim!! I'll take 5. ;)

  7. Great idea to use up old scraps of fabric!

  8. Sweet!!!! I'll have to give it a try!!!


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