Friday, May 08, 2009

Up for a challenge??

A couple of weeks ago, we over at Cocoa Daisy had a Spring crop...oooh! it was such a blast. So for those who weren't able to join us, I thought I'd post my challenges here. The cool thing is you will be able to make use of the flower tutorial I gave you on Wednesday

The 1st one is a fabric's a quick materials list:

*Card stock
*x2 different patterned papers
*Strips of fabric either plain to match your card stock or something that you dig!
* Odd piece of lace fabric or just ribbons & braids
* Piece of patterned fabric to make the main fabric flower
*A few embellishments of your choice/brads/buttons/flowers/journal block etc etc
*Sewing machine & needle & thread

You can decide to use the materials list to create a similar style to mine or create your own.. Just have fun! Play!!

Here it is close up:

Now remember to pop back tomorrow for challenge no #2.

Enjoy!!! & have super day!!
Amendment 09.05.09: There is no deadline for this, it was merely something to personally challenge you


  1. Is this a challenge for your blog with a due date? Call me blonde and pass the mustard. It's my day for asking stupid questions.

  2. I really really like what you did here, it is lovely. I dont have fabric :( going to need to get some because I so want to try out that gorgeous flow..

  3. This is wonderful! I got my sewing machine to do what I want it to, so maybe I will try my hand at this.:)

  4. Hi Kim!!!!

    Wow, another stunning layout with yet more interesing ideas....

    How do you come up with everything????

  5. YAY!!! I love challenges!!! I'm almost done with my doll... I'll start as soon as I finish!


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