Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My craft room ♥ = Progress

Oh yes this is my HAPPY TUESDAY happy face! Not only because I am blown away by God's favor in my life but because the 'crud' in the background is another step closer to having an official home. There is something about oil paint & turp's that brings a smile to the face... besides the fumes that is?
KJ's happy face!

Blank canvas...dry & ready for crafty love.

My GEORG-OUS 60's unit, oiled & waiting.

The littl' 'deco-darlin' waiting for her coat of Cool Lagoon & puter handles. *sigh*

Just my type... in girly pink.

Vintage finds.....LOOK vintage doilies ready for a lamp shade.

12x12 storage...oh yeah!

T & my 'love-hobby'.... old camera's.

Evidence that we are making progress...AND pretty. I am itching to move in.
Roll on weekend & school break for the time to do it.
Tuesdays ROCK!


  1. ooooh KJ! this is epic, so exciting, I will deffo be swinging by sooner than later to come and see. You have such an incredible eye for separating the beautiful stuff from the manky stuff!

  2. Those cameras are awesome!

  3. What amazing finds Kim!! Your scrap room is gonna look AWESOME! Can't wait to see your finished photos!

  4. so so lucky! looking good and positively happy and jealous at the same time for you! wish my space can also be done....instantly!

  5. love the typewritter! what brand is this?

  6. Looking forward to the end results, I know it will be fab GF...

  7. So cute - I love the 60's unit we have one in our cellar still i think.... you are giving me ideas :-)I will need to "borrow". Can't wait to see all the cool vintage type goodies that will make it into your space!!

  8. Can't wait to see the large storage unit painted in the Cool Lagoon color, and for your room to be completed.

  9. That typerwriter is beautiful...love seeing the photos, especially the one of you with that skeptical look!


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