Friday, July 08, 2011

Tombow + Guest Designer

Hello everyone! I'm the guest designer on the Tombow blog today!
Since discovering  Tombow's adhesive range about three years ago, I have become a HUGE fan & always have a bunch of their products on hand. So given that I tend to use a variety of different adhesive types in a single project I thought you might enjoy a peek at how I put a page together from Start-to-Finish using product from the June Cocoa Daisy kit, Cherry Soda Tombow.

My paper layers are always adhered with MONO Multi Liquid Glue because I love how fast it dries. However if I am still shuffling elements around it is great that MONO Multi Liquid Glue has the versatility of being removable if allowed to 'tacky' dry first.

Using MONO Adhesive Dots, Roller I attached the tissue paper ruffle.

MONO Adhesive Dots, Roller is also a great adhesive to attach photographs. 

I needed extra height on my cut out flower accents, NEW Foam Tabswere perfect to do this. Coming in two square sizes meant getting a couple into the small areas was a cinch. 

More MONO Multi Liquid Glue for my paper tabs...

The page now almost complete, I just needed a few finishing touches. MONO Aqua Liquid Glue was perfect for these. Fabric flowers, buttons & some metal accents.  

Voila! A pretty page that wouldn't have come together quite the same without  Tombow's adhesive. 
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Well, Kim, it seems I am fated to be your imitator... don't forget what a sincere form of flattery that is! I just switched to Tombow. I was using another adhesive company (which shall rename nameless), and I guess they changed the formula of their adhesive runner. Let's just say no one in this house was happy about that. So now I think I'm a Tombow gal, and if it's good enough for Kim, it's good enough for me! ;)

  2. WTG, love the project, I am also a TOMBOW girl too...

  3. I loved to see your creative process in this post...I am also a Tombow girl.

  4. I love Tombow and I love your layout!

  5. I really enjoyed your step-by-step process. I'm always intrigued by how the masters put together thier pages from start to finish! You should do this more often!!! :-)

  6. Another Tombow fan here :) I haven't found their foam squares here (MI, USA) yet. Gorgeous page!

  7. Cool! I love Tombow products too! Great page :)

  8. What a beautiful layout...BUT doesn't sound like a healthy outing (although I bet it was fun)...I love how you have the step by step photos!

  9. I am a huge consumer of tombow too! That is my favorite adhesive! I adore your many fun details! :)

  10. You didnt cut out those flowers - I am gutted!! I sat thinking she is amazing ;) xx

  11. TFS! It is always fun to see a great page and how it is put together!! I will have to try tombow... I have tried many and I guess the fact I am still looking tells all!


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