Friday, February 14, 2014

'Real Gem' valentine treats + a Tutorial

Yes it is the day of love. I hope where ever it find you that you are finding someway to give love or recieve it :)

To encourage my cute boy to 'give love', I made these little gift packs (with his help) to give his class mates. I was inspired by this Pinterest post.

It is times like these that I LOVE my Silhouette Cameo .

Here's how I did it. I found a printable card design on the internet here. I scaled them to fit on A4 craft sheets & ran them through the lazer printer.

Find a jpeg image of a suitable gem design on the internet and save it to your desktop or download existing designs like this one
Using Silhouette Designer addition, open your jpg or png image & hit the trace button. Remember to click off the high pass button.
 Now click on your original design & delete. You will have a wire frame ready to mess with.
I squashed the image to make the gem less pointed, by grabbing the bottom handle & nudging it up. Now hold (alt) & click on the image to copy it. Drag the copy off the original design.
 With the second image selected, go to the modify tool & click release compound paths.
You will now have a plain background.
 You should have x2 images like this. NB: Select the background image & scale smaller by a couple of mm to make layering underneath the outline easier.
 Once layered, the background layer will be totally covered by the outline.
 Now using your replicate tool, make a couple of columns of each design to fit your 12x12 sheet.
By sticking x2= 6x12" pieces of different color cardstock  side by side, you can cut both pieces of the gem at the same time. HA! look at how ratty my cutting mat is.
Punched & tied to a bag of mini marshmallow, the result was a class full of very happy kiddies, & a little guy who felt like a hero!
.thanks for stopping by. 

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