Monday, February 17, 2014

Stamps 3 ways & a tutorial

You might be like me & have a gazillion stamps calling to be used in creative new ways? Today I want to share a page using a variety of techniques. They might be one you know well or not...but either way I hope this will spark you to haul out those stamps & get stamping :)

The same stamp used in x3 different ways, oh yeah...I am a lover of getting value for my money.  
  1. Inked in tonal colors & stamped onto patterned paper.
  2. Inked in contrast color & stamped onto wood veneer.
  3. Stamp pressed into hot foam.  {This is a technique I saw some years back shown to me by my friend Amy Peterman.}
These are the stamps I used from Fancy Pants still has one set left to be quick if you want it! I linked it up for you :) 
{sorry I am shamless in my enabling}

My lil' Stinker by Kim Watson
Dry Emboss onto foam using an ordinary Acrylic stamp- seriously, it works!!
  1. Heat the craft foam with your heat gun. Not too much...the stuff could melt or catch fire which would be problematic even from the most adventurous of crafter. 
  2. Whilst still warm & soft, firmly press acrylic stamps onto surface. Hold it there for a couple of seconds for the designs to 'take'. 
  3. When cool...cut out with sharp scissors. LOVIN' my Fiskars shears
  4. Go on & embellish your page :)

 Here is a close up of what the cute accents look like.

Now for the next idea. Stamp onto wood veneer.
  1. Ink your stamp well with a color that will show up onto the veneer base.
  2. Once dry, cut circle out with your Fiskars Shears {which are so cool, they can cut almost ANY substraight.}
  3. Lightly sand away any burrs
  4. Layer with your other completed circle accents.

 Here is a close up of the wooden accent complimenting the fun layered cluster.

 Now on the subject of Fancy Pants Designs. Have you heard? Fancy pants are having their first ever warehouse sale.... packs like these one are being sold at ridiculously low prices in comparison to their actual value.

So I strongly suggest, if you like a good bargain, and you'd better grab one of these babies before they sell out. See HERE for all details, prices & to purchase online @GetFancyStudio {PS: they are shipping internationally too...woop!}

OK... crafty post over. Have a super day, I'm really glad you stopped by!

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