Friday, December 21, 2007

Venturing out.

We ventured out today & did the tourist thing @ Niagra Falls It was mind-blowingly beautiful!! The stark contrasts & sheer power was something my photo's don't really do justice to.

As you can see from the pic's it was BLOODY cold...I thought I was going to get hyperthermia.

Afterward we were treated to the most delicious burgers I have ever tasted, from a burger joint called Licks {apt name believe me, I had sauce everywhere} waist line is now officially on vacation.

Max was less than enthusiastic about posing for the usual!

This is Max actually eating something...& I caught it on camera. The moment was short lived tho', after this pic, all his food sat on the table seriously stresses me out!!! Are all 3yr olds like this???? How he grows & florishes I have no idea....juice, rough & tumble & an odd snack thrown in for good measure every now & then, constitutes his nutrition. I wonder if he will ever get to master a knife & fork, seeing as he gets NO opportunity to practise.

Nitey-nite guys, I will try and post again tomorrow!



  1. Wow KJ thats looks amazing! How did the racing snakes snowboard mission go? BTW your blog rules! It's great.

  2. My Jordan eats with his fingers 90% of the time. the other 10% he is picking up the food and putting it on a fork or spoon to eat. and he doesn't eat regularly. but he's not malnourished either, the little pig!

    and by the way you are invited to play in my blog RAK!

  3. Uhm, my children are much older and the same applies, don't often eat with knife and fork or use fingers to put food on fork. When little offer small healthy snacks often and don't stress he really will grow up big and strong.
    Love the Falls images too. Stark contrasts but beautiful.

  4. It sure does look COLD out there! I've never been to Niagra Falls, but I'm sure I'll get there some day. A burger sounds really good to me right now for some reason (why not? it's only 1:30 am!).

  5. Luv the pics KJ-S wish we could be there. LOL


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