Monday, January 21, 2008

Good weekend!

Had a fab! weekend. We filled each day with friends that we haven't hung with properly since we left on vacation last year. Drove out to Tableview in the howling south-easter that was topping about 50 knots....I kid you not! The wind this summer is CRAZY! We had a really relaxing time with the Russel's. Little Callan is getting so big & cuter everyday.....but Maxi was a right pain with her, he wanted to cuddle, kiss, stroke & love her so much that I thought she would protest. Surprisingly Callan didn't, the little thing was compliantly good & endured the harassment patiently.

Sunday was laid back too, hanging with the Rasmussen family. Max was in his element with two doting playmates, Scott & Erin, to rope into playing cars with him. Thanks guys it was good catching up!!!

I even managed to get some scrapping done in snippets this weekend. I managed to finish x2 single page L.O's......yay! I feel like my MOJO is returning. So my collection of new L.O's is growing nicely, soon I will have enough great ammo available for when I start applying for DT positions. Oh, I LOVE scrapping!!!
Jeanie, I know you are rolling your eyes @ me right about now hahahaha! If you would just try it, you would understand why we are all so crazy about it.

Now on a stash note~ I am desperately looking for one of these. It is a note book from M.M Noteworthy range...anyone out there have any idea where I can buy one??

[NB: This note is mostly for the SA girls, because to buy it from overseas is too expensive with shipping.]

Well girls I better stop yakking & get something useful done before Maxi gets home from school.
Have a super day.


  1. I'd like one too, so please make that two?

  2. Last Night I was doing major blog surfing, and I found a link for them: has them on sale for 4.99 right now.

    I know it would be too much with shipping, but I thought I would mention it anyway.

  3. I love your scrapping pages... LO's... I've even got the jargon going. Maybe I'm just creatively insecure.

  4. I'm glad to hear you had a good and relaxing weekend! Mine was pretty nice, too :)

    I hope you find that Noteworthy album. I ordered mine just in the nick of time before they sold out. I never have luck like that! I wish you good luck in your quest!!

  5. KJ you are SOOOO clever, why don't you make one, buy the ring binder from CNA get the home diy model. Its so simple to use once to get the 'hang of it'. Go on have a go at it.....

  6. Maybe we should just order 5 and split the shipping? me,jo, tanya, stef and you?


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