Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh my! Oh my!

I am so thrilled....I have just gotten an email from a Canadian mag~ they want to publish one of my double L.O's.....Goodness! 2 in one week is quite something. It makes all my hard work worth it. I am still on a mission tho' about the DT's, so I am scrapping like mad to build up a bit of a is SUCH fun being able to use some of my new papers & stash from overseas.

I am in the market for a silhouette or wish blade craft cutter [second-hand is fine too], does anyone know where I could get one?

Have a great day!

P.S Don't you just hate this hideous wind? It is about 40 knots today!!! Yuk!!


  1. Kimberely - that's amazing well done.

  2. Congrats I always knew you could.
    You could ask Jo... I also have one, have only used it once - or I can get you one when the WS has in stock - I give you very good price...

  3. PS I gotta LOVE the wind - or else it would be 40C in the shade.

  4. You are a super starre!
    Yay for the new pub request! I hope to be pubbed one day too... one day...

    yay for using all the new goodies!

    the commissary is a grocery store for the military families. it's cheaper than the civilian grocery... and no tax.

  5. So I see your many fans have meandered over my way! I Lvoe the feedjit, It is so fun!!!

    If you are looking into craft cutters, check out the Pazzles creative cutter inspiration. It is the only one that can cut through chipboard, well that I have seen so far. I saw a demo @ memory trends and it rocks!!! Not sure if there are any used ones yet, since it is a brand new item.

    Congrats on being pubbed, are you currently on a design team?


  6. congratulations! what about ebay for a second hand cutter? Your son is so adorable, love the curls!

  7. That's awesome!! Congrats, girlie :)

    PS - I HATE the wind, too. We have a huge blue spruce tree in our front yard that sways in the wind just a little too much.


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