Thursday, February 07, 2008

It's finished!

Max's playroom is finally reorganized, tidy & neat. For the longest time it has been such a jumble, that Maxi has found it hard to play in there but with the arrival of the new shelves....his room is looking AMAZING!! Everything has been sorted together with similar toys, into colored bins, so he knows where to find whatever he is looking for. There is now room for his little table & chairs, his TV, video machine & DVD player. In the one corner we even managed to put up his little house/tent his Gramsy sent him.

Playing on the floor with his 'Cars' cars is now even more fun with more room.

All the DVD's are on top of the shelves with bookends to keep them out of the way.

What is it about tidying that is so refreshing....I feel lighter somehow...& all it took was getting rid of 2 bin bags full of older toys. Had I have know, I would have done this a long time ago .



  1. Nothing like a good clean up. I have also tidied up a little. x

  2. I hope you took photos of the old favourites before you binned them. I wish I had, but that was before we had a digital camera.

  3. looks like a very cute kiddo room!!!

  4. Lucky boy! It really is nice being able to tidy up and have space to put everything!


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