Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pic's of the patient!

Max... leg up...with frozen peas on his wounds! Please note the plate of 'comfort' food next to him...... hot fries & veggie nuggets. He ate a bit.... but I think the shock was just too much for him. Poor little guy! Today however he is just fine.....other than horrible bruising all up his right side. Our God is very gracious...


  1. Thanks for this post, so often I don't feel God answers my prayers when I want answers and yet the urgent ones he answers urgently...I need more patience obviously.

  2. I'm glad your little man is okay!! He's probably happy that he didn't have to eat the peas yesterday!!

    To answer you question about the ribbon on my walls, I used thumb tacks and painted them to match. It was super easy!


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