Monday, February 04, 2008

Weekend photo post!

Hi there folks! Hope you are well & rested after the weekend? We had a real good one, with loads of time spent together, swimming, pottering at home, with the occasional outing thrown in. The highlight of my weekend was seeing Max draw properly for the first time. As you already know he is NOT crafty in an manner. He enjoys painting at school & gets involved with whatever they are doing but at home he chooses not to do any of the above. This weekend I saw him pick up the pen & perfectly {well as perfect as possible at his age} trace pictures, numbers & letters in his wipe books....I was astounded! It was almost like it just twigged in his brain somewhere, that he could do I proud to finally son drew this :o)

We visited the park a couple of times too....ate ice lolley's & felt the sun on our backs.

And spent quality time together horsing around at home. This is us messing around with the 'instamatic' point & shoot camera...we all took turns holding the camera above our heads......even Maxi had a was loads of fun.

Well guys, I must get back to my Digi project I am doing for a local mag. It is taking a little longer than I expected because my lap top is behaving hormonally today & giving me loads of jip. Thankfully I have booked it in to the PC doc on Friday for an overhaul. I wouldn't be a happy chicken if anything had to 'go wrong', lest I actually say the words....if you know what I mean. I don't want to invite any sort of PC trouble before then......look what happened to Joscie....heavens!!

Have a super rest of your day...I will chat soon.


  1. Lovely page KJ, you had sun on your back and eating iceies....we had rain in our faces and huddled in blankets!! At laaaast the boy can draw...yoooo hoooo

  2. Perfect weekend just like mine. TFS.

  3. looks like a fun weekend!!!

  4. i love it! Jalen is still not a huge fan of art, but thankfully Jordan is. YAY for MAXI playing with the wipe books... those are Jordan's favorite. Love the layouts... especially the ones with the self portraits! Good luck with your laptop! *fingers crossed

  5. Fabulous layouts....are they all digital? Looks like epoxy stickers?
    Your photos make me long for summer!
    I'd enjoy winter more, if we had more snow, today was all rain. "You've got to put up with the rain, if you want to see the rainbow"
    (read on a Starbucks cup)

  6. Love all the pictures of your family! You all look so happy, and it appears you're all having fun which is the most important thing!! I'm jealous that you have sun over there. We have rain and lots of it. Do you need a little storm? I can arrange for one to be sent your way :)


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