Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter!

It has been a crazy week but productive...I managed to complete the projects I had planned & get them off on time. I am sitting at my desk looking out across the Silverberg Mountain behind our home & boy the wind is "hoofing". I am also listening to Virgin Radio over the internet while I blog & the DJ is speaking about this coming weekend being the coldest one in the history of the UK for this time of year. I feel for all those sitting indoors trying to fend off the winter chill, where as here, it is gloriously hot, even if the Cape Doctor is blowing 65 knots ~ (this is the name given to this gale force wind that blows us away each summer).
If I could so
mehow magically whip you all away to somewhere warm, I would, believe me!

It is officially the end of the school first term today & we say goodbye to a quarter of this year already...YIKES! the time has also means Maxi is home every day in the mornings, for the next 3 weeks....double YIKES! to keep him occupied is going to be very challenging for me. Play dates are the answer I think.....yip! that's what I'll do hahaha! I mean there is only so much one can do with a 'NON-crafty' type of little boy. One consolation is that his sister, Cas, is with us until next Friday and he ADORES her!

I did manage one little crafty exercise with Max this He made (in his words) "purple cats, blue chickens, bears & twinkle-twinkle stars, all for my Gramsie".
Clever thing!...all in neat rows I see.....that's our boy...a line-everything-up type of kid. LOL!

It is almost the most important weekend of the year for all us out there who are Believers. It is a time of


I am sure I speak for 1000's when I say:
"Thank-you! to our Lord for dying & then rising for us!"

So have a FANTASTIC fun filled Easter.....consider your selves * HuggED!* in true KJ style.