Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter!

It has been a crazy week but productive...I managed to complete the projects I had planned & get them off on time. I am sitting at my desk looking out across the Silverberg Mountain behind our home & boy the wind is "hoofing". I am also listening to Virgin Radio over the internet while I blog & the DJ is speaking about this coming weekend being the coldest one in the history of the UK for this time of year. I feel for all those sitting indoors trying to fend off the winter chill, where as here, it is gloriously hot, even if the Cape Doctor is blowing 65 knots ~ (this is the name given to this gale force wind that blows us away each summer).
If I could so
mehow magically whip you all away to somewhere warm, I would, believe me!

It is officially the end of the school first term today & we say goodbye to a quarter of this year already...YIKES! the time has also means Maxi is home every day in the mornings, for the next 3 weeks....double YIKES! to keep him occupied is going to be very challenging for me. Play dates are the answer I think.....yip! that's what I'll do hahaha! I mean there is only so much one can do with a 'NON-crafty' type of little boy. One consolation is that his sister, Cas, is with us until next Friday and he ADORES her!

I did manage one little crafty exercise with Max this He made (in his words) "purple cats, blue chickens, bears & twinkle-twinkle stars, all for my Gramsie".
Clever thing!...all in neat rows I see.....that's our boy...a line-everything-up type of kid. LOL!

It is almost the most important weekend of the year for all us out there who are Believers. It is a time of


I am sure I speak for 1000's when I say:
"Thank-you! to our Lord for dying & then rising for us!"

So have a FANTASTIC fun filled Easter.....consider your selves * HuggED!* in true KJ style.


  1. Have a wonderful Easter...we will read the Bible, about what the Lord did, His sacrifice and about his glorious Resurrection!

    Did you check your email? I scanned in the layout that was pubbed in the April 08 CK, in case you haven't seen it yet!

  2. Yes. Lots of playdates. That will help keep the sanity. LOL!!

  3. On that note. Do you have plans for Weds morning. We coming through to visit folk in Newlands for lunch, but a morning visit could work. LMK (let me know?)

  4. Great post. Love the colourful pics. Was great to see you today!

  5. Happy Easter to you and yours. love the pics... my boys played playdoh yesterday too! and I love the colorful text too:)
    We'll be in church on Sunday morning and then at my mom's for an Easter/Birthday celebration.

  6. Happy Easter to you too! This is sort of the year of anti-climactic holidays for us, and we just found out dh is serving in the nursery this sunday, so yet again another holiday is dashed for us. I'm looking forward to the next year of holidays, I am hoping they go a little better!!!

  7. A blessed easter to you too! Max is a very neat little boy I see!

  8. Gramsie says 'Thank you Max'- I miss our cookie making days.


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