Monday, March 17, 2008

So busy!

Hey guys!
Sorry I have been so quiet...I am just to busy to blog anything but a couple of lines. I just don't have much time at the moment. I will however (hopefully) be able to blog something a little deeper than this in a couple of days...I will keep you posted tho'.

For those interested...I did get x2 mini albums finished this weekend & I am almost finished my list is almost done. Wheeeu! I am bloomin' knackered....what with scrapping late & having to help Maxi get through the nights with his tight chest. He has such a tough time with the high pollen count in Summer. It is such a bugger & Max HATES the nebuliser!!!

Well that's all for now soon!


  1. Shame I am sorry for him it is really tough having allergies like that. Joshua has been sneezing all day and really feeling quite grim. At least no nebulising needed though, he medicates himself with nasal spray. We have missed you but understand, looking forward to being able to say we knew you before your book was published...

  2. poor maxi! We all take allergy meds in this house... Glad to hear that you are getting lots of scrappy goodness done!!!!!

    I have something exciting too... I'll share when I can! :)

  3. pics pics pics we want to see pics!!! hope your lil fella feels better!

  4. Not bad to get such a lot of scrapping done when you have a sick child in the house! I'm impressed! My kids grew up with nebulizers - not nice, but they really work well.

  5. Hello! Just stopping by real quick to say HI and send you some scrappy love :) I hope you are getting everything done that you need to get finished, and that little Maxi is feeling better. I'll talk to you later, friend!


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