Friday, March 14, 2008

Scrappy day!

Morning gals! I don't have much time to yak right now, so I'll keep it short & sweet! I have what feels like 100's of mini's to finish (gross exaggeration obviously :o) & I have a whole stack of 12 x12's to photograph/scan & get re-sized to send in by Monday. Yikes! I am snowed under...and it is all self inflicted I might add too :o)

This is what my scrap space looks like right now hahahaha! so much for Mrs. Neat! It's what I can creative process....ya right, no-one really believes that??

These are the mini's I have in mind for the mind is a bit boggled as what to do tho'. I have some ideas floating around in the grey to get it into the albums is the other story. Sorting through what photo's to print is another issue too.....Oh dear! I might be a tad behind schedule don't you think? Oh Hunnie........feel like baby-sitting this weekend?????

:o) :o) I don't have the heart to ask him do it the whole weekend tho'. Best I get a time schedule up and running......any tips Bridget.....? She who is the Maestro of Busy schedules!

Have a super day guys!


  1. Thank you for all your help dearest, without you on this one I would have been up and down to West Beach.

  2. I see you have green letters in stead of yellow, also love the chipboard house! Very cute.

  3. Maestro of busy schedules at your service....LOL. Pour Hubby a nice drink and ask him to help with the scanning once "little guy" is off to la-la land. That way you can work, chat AND chill. Then sketch the LO's you need to do and get hubs to help choose the pics..just paper clip them to the sketch. Go to Woollies and get some healthy quick meals and get "little guy" a new colouring book and a special spot to sit near you guys and play. You will be all done in NO time at all. Hugs, Bridget

  4. super cute stuff, i can't wait to see the results. good luck with getting it all done... :)

  5. can't wait to see the finished products!!!

  6. Nice - but as you say - self inflicted! Have fun!


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