Friday, March 14, 2008

Scrappy day!

Morning gals! I don't have much time to yak right now, so I'll keep it short & sweet! I have what feels like 100's of mini's to finish (gross exaggeration obviously :o) & I have a whole stack of 12 x12's to photograph/scan & get re-sized to send in by Monday. Yikes! I am snowed under...and it is all self inflicted I might add too :o)

This is what my scrap space looks like right now hahahaha! so much for Mrs. Neat! It's what I can creative process....ya right, no-one really believes that??

These are the mini's I have in mind for the mind is a bit boggled as what to do tho'. I have some ideas floating around in the grey to get it into the albums is the other story. Sorting through what photo's to print is another issue too.....Oh dear! I might be a tad behind schedule don't you think? Oh Hunnie........feel like baby-sitting this weekend?????

:o) :o) I don't have the heart to ask him do it the whole weekend tho'. Best I get a time schedule up and running......any tips Bridget.....? She who is the Maestro of Busy schedules!

Have a super day guys!