Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yaaay! I can now be more specific about my happy scrapper friend I mentioned yesterday, (now that I have her permission that is). Her name is in fact not Michelle (alias) but Bridget Louw and for any SA-ian scrappers out there reading this, and who have in their possession a Silhouette, Wish blade or RoboCraft cutter or the likes; this spunky chick is the lady to take lessons from, on how to get the darn thing to work. If you are anything like me and had it spew nothing but rubbish....then she is the lady to contact. Now the thing is, that she has a SERIOUS day job, but due to the high demand of unhappy scrappers....about ready to kill their machines....she is worth hooking up with for a lesson or two. If you would like her email address or contact details please mail me(it's the envelope icon on the comments bar) & I will forward them to you.

Well I am happy to report, that I got the machine to cut 48 red crosses for a party Jo is going to....even if Bridget created the file for me :o) I still got it to cut......ha...ha good hey??? And after a million pieces of card stock....I actually got it to cut numbers 1-10.....(expensive numbers I might add). My gripe with QuicKutz is that their manual is so doesn't have nearly enough information & clear instructions on how to use this bloomin' machine. My biggest problem is that the thing is really sensitive to other programs you might be running on your PC in the back skype, virus software, wireless know all the usual stuff. It causes the old dear to cough, splutter & hiccup along whilst I am not talking about myself.....

A question to all of you successful DXF girls out there (file name for files created in a vector program like Inkscapes), how did you overcome the software compatibility problem the Silhouette seems to have with any external vector program? Because i can't be the only person with this problem????

Anyway I will stop talking scrap now & love & leave you with a snippet from Maxi....

He asked to watch a 'little' bit of TV yesterday...I said yes. 2 episodes later of Little Einsteins, I hear him say: " Mama, I have had ENOUGH of this TV now! Because too much TV will change me into a fish!" hahahahah! I dunno...maybe that's what he is learning at play school.....TV bad...books good????

Sleep tite you lovely bunch!
I'll blog again tomorrow.


  1. funny maxi!

    KJ, I use PSE to make my "own" files for silhouette... not any fancy vector programs. I open a blank pse file, make the thing I want to cut, save it as a jpeg, import it into the craftrobo software, find the outline paste and cut.

  2. I got my Wishblade 2.5 years ago and use it mainly to cute letters and scalloped shapes (I love that it can be small or HUGE). I have drawn a few flowers and such, but usually just search the FREE files here:

  3. Hello I was here to visit and say that one day I'll take my silhouette out from hiding and try again.


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