Thursday, May 24, 2007

...a moment's silence.

.....For my friend Mel.
2 of her kiddies have been really sick with infections and high fevers and sleep has been real scarce for the last couple of nights for everyone. She is such a trooper when it comes to being a brave mom of 3.......consider yourself Mexican waved from all of us here over the other side of the 'mountain'.

I have been swamped in domesticity today with Sarah being 'man-down' with flu. Initially I was dreading it, wondering how I would cope but guess what..... I actually had FUN!!!!!! Moeks & I went to fruit & veg, then Checkers in Meadow ridge, where he rode on the 'horse & tractor' and he even put his own money in. We browsed the toy shop & book shop, then headed home for lunch and he had a sleep. He told me he 'loved to see me' about 100 times today....and 'I love to be with you Mama' every opportunity he got. Flip it melted my heart!!!! Just being with me, even to do boring everyday stuff, was the high-light of his week.

I went one step further this arvi and tidied house, did the laundry, cooked Moussaka, apple crumble and a huge batch of cookie men (which Tersh & maxi had a ball cutting out and decorating). I know Tersh couldn't believe it either. I did tell him to enjoy the moment because I can't promise dessert every night hahaha! or a cooked meal for that matter.

Anyway I am too tired to type any more... my bed is calling.
Sleep tite and God Bless.
Luv ya

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  1. Hey hey girl. Look at you, playing mommy and actually enjoying it! Days like that are for melting the heart. YOu sound like a regular Martha Stewart! Hoping to connect next week,Faithy is fine, but Levi back to doc today.Poor little bugger. xxx


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