Saturday, June 09, 2007

At last, PE update.

Hi all... far and wide....who have taken time from their busy lives to read my humble blog. I admit the last couple of 'blogless' days have been mighty hard for me. As tedious as it is sometimes, I have really begun to enjoy writing my 'bit' every day, prepare yourselves for a ship-load of info when I am up and running on ADSL again. I have become painfully aware how awful life must have been before broadband. Here in PE my aunt has old-school telkom @ only 42K....MY CAT it is so slow and disconnects every few minutes. I salute everyone who still does internet this way because my spoiled western ass could never do it this way again.

Our trip has been stress free and pretty relaxed. Even though we had a VERY BORING 2.5 hr wait in the airport together with a thousand others, while we waited for the fog to lift. The flight out was fantastic, with Maxi being good as gold until about 10 minutes before we landed when all hell broke loose. We had toddler chorus at 10 000 feet as we started to descend. The change in altitude did not sit well with all the under 4's and almost to the second, all 6 of them on board started protesting. Anyway the passengers survived the onslaught and we hooked up with Aunty Col without further hitches.

Maxi has been on top form since arriving in PE with a steady stream of dialogue, from the minute he opens his eyes until the time he fades in the evening. He is LOVING his Aunties, Old Oupa and the doggies. Yip, you read right he is in-love with the x2 PE pups. Pip the old girl is sweet and docile enduring hours of harassment (and I am sure a case of horrid deja vu for Pip from her last encounter with Cas), whereas Molly is the complete opposite. She is an uptight little so-and-so and snarls and complains at the least little thing. Maxi has grown wise around her but there are moments when he perseveres and gets the 'nasty-dog' treatment, to which which he shouts: "DON'T FREAK ME OUT, MONNY (still working on the 'l' sound)!"
... hahahahahaha I hear a bit of the Mama in there somewhere.

I overheard Maxi chatting to Aunty Col about a hour after we arrived.
It really touched my heart:

Max: Aunty Col, you are just like my Gramsy (Col & my Mom are sisters, how is that for sus?)
Col: Huh?
Max: I like you Aunty are so nice!
Col: I like you too Maxi.

These lovely ladies opened their home to us, for a week, during school time, at short notice, without complaint and have spoilt us rotten. It has made me realise that life is too short for disagreements and complex relationships, that family is the backbone of our society, that must be protected and nurtured at all costs. To do this, personal sacrifice will be demanded from us in the form of dying to our selfish desires, if we are to preserve our very rare quality of life and the peace we enjoy. So thanks guys for being so tolerant of little busy Maxi and us taking one of your cars, every 5 min's. You are the best!

We have really taken it easy, every day, without stressing too much about agenda. It has been liberating and somehow allows for these days that seem longer, fuller and fun. We went to Homeleigh Farms on Saturday am. The COOLEST!!! touch farm I have ever been to.Maxi had a complete ball, he didn't touch any animals mind you, but had fun nether-the-less. They had a huge fishing boat, Thomas train, double decker bus, tractor ride, swings, slides and a myriad of climbing apparatus. A feast, for any energy charged little boy with time on his hands. Needless to say, by 12ish our little guy was pooped and ready for a sleep. Not that he did but was exhausted anyway. It was so refreshing leaving after a great morning and the ole' wallet was not that skinny. The prices for all the extra's like yummy breakies, scones and tea, tractor rides etc were soooo cheap, we couldn't believe it My question is why isn't there anything like this in CT....I put it down to greed! .The properties are too expensive, the building crews too unreliable and the live stock won't last a week unless they are put under lock and key. Such a shame really because I witnessed the joy on at least a hundred children's faces as they lived out their wildest.

To all those parents out there who understand how precious sleep is, I just know you will relate to this......we have had 3 consecutive afternoon jokes. Can you frigging believe it???? and in the same room with Maxi...nog al!!!! We put it down to not being at home, therefore no have-to-do's staring you in the eyeball as you move from room to room at home. So if the Poepie is sleeping why the heck not sleep with him too????
All I can say is:

Oupa is doing so well but it must be really, really hard not being able to hear. He told us that his hearing aid isn't helping anymore, that it allows him to hear us speaking but not what we are saying, so he sits in virtual silence everyday. Shame, it hurts to see him like this. We do however manage to "talk" to him if the room is silent and we shout loudly and clearly. Even Maxi tries but his little voice isn't clear enough for Oupa to decipher. I am please to report tho' that Oupa is enjoying having Maxi around (as busy as he is) and patiently plays with him for ages. Four generations down the line having tea together is quite a thing to witness.

There is as I mentioned earlier quite a menagerie living @ no. 9, 4th Ave. Maxi got real acquainted Panther, Oupa's black cat. She didn't like the look of this new pint sized walking noise and made her feeling very clear whenever Maxi came within a meter of her. She is a beautiful, affectionate kitty but only if the owner of the hand stroking her is fully grown. One of her favourite spots to chill, is next to the koi pond. I wonder why that could be????

The next series of piccies are purely for my mom. Mum please take note of the carnage YOUR grandson caused with the dog treats. Those poor hounds were fed so many I thought we'd have a major case of dog-jippo the next day.

And for all those not enlightened to the adult Watson's brave tolerance, of any kind of 'fourleggedhoundus'....a photo shoot of this nature was not expected to happen in this life time, so be prepared. Our little boy decided to see what it would be like to sleep in the dogs bed....not on it. He snuggled down midst clouds of dog hair, chew toys and hidden kibble and shouted...."Ooooohhhh! this is so com'fie Mama, can I sleep here?" No question as what my answer was.

The thing we discovered upon our arrival was my Aunty Col's newly discovered talent for oil painting. Tersh & I were completely blown away. The piccies I took don't do them justice but believe me they are totally FABULOUS in the flesh. Hey maybe we have a soon to be celeb in our family. Take a look>>>>>

Anyway I could ramble on for ages so I'll close now. Just to say we had a good time away and even though my poor DH came back to carnage @ the office, fun was had by all. We did plenty more but for the few that read this....all this reading must be BORING!!! so I'll quit while the goings good and post again tomorrow.

Oh and before I forget, Mum..Dad it is super great that you are on internet now. Best you leave a comment when you pop in OK....and skype me. I tried to call earlier but you were off line. Mands, thanks for the lovely piccies. Your place is looking AMAZING! I will have to put some of those piccies on my blog for all our famdamily to see....but that's tomorrows chore.


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  1. Welcome home chick.Hope we still on for Wednesday?Gotta take my crew all for passport pics today, then off to join the queue at Home Aff tomoro morn. Oh joy!


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