Friday, September 28, 2007

Holiday antics!

This post is a mish-mash of pic's and things we have gotten up to lately. Being school holidays Cas is with us until Sunday and needless to say her brother is CRAZY happy that his sister is around........although it didn't take long for him to get over his euphoria and start harassing her. She protests @ the antics he subjects her to but secretly I think she loves the attention she gets from her nutty 'fan'! It all started this am when she asked me to take some photo's of her outfit she was wearing: "For Grams to see on your blog, mama". It started off well but the shoot got hijacked by Maxi on his trike......I did manage to get a few pic's for you tho' Grams before hand>>>>




Even tho' there is a six year age gap, Cas & Max play really well together. I love eves dropping on their conversations.....yesterdays one was a real hoot.

M: Cas why are you not talking to me???
C: Silence
M: Cas just talk!!!
C: Silence
M: Cas not talking is unacceptable behaviour! {just like that folks...with perfect diction} if you don't get your bad attitude right you will have to go to the barf-room!!!
I almost pee'd in my pants laughing.......he repeated a sentence, I obviously say to him quite often, word-for-word. From the mouth of babes, hey?

The other thing that is high on my list of YUKKIE things to do, is grocery shopping. I hate it, finding parking, locating a trolley who's wheels actually turn around, convincing Maxi that we'll be quick {ha! joke of the century} & then finding everything we need is either out of stock or been relocated to isle 13....that doesn't exist. Why on earth they haven't just developed a pill so we could by pass the cooking/eating thing, I dunno???? Maybe the answer is a replicator they have on the Enterprise in Star Trek Next would be far less complicated if we had a dozen or so of those.

To make grocery shopping bearable for Moeks I tend to visit the Pick 'n Pay's stores with those pay and ride 'toys' for the littlies. The way it works is, good behaviour "might" mean a ride....I tend to keep my options open just in case 'Murphy' shows up. Maxi has 'been there & done every type of ride there is and has every T-shirt' as they say. These are just some of them.

Well folks, thats all for now. I better take advantage of Maxi napping & Cas being at a friend to play.....the quiet will probably only last another hour.....and I have a million page calls to get finished....aaarrh!! I am about to crack open some of my new basic grey run-ons.......beautiful or what girls??????

Now the challenge is to work out how to use the darn things.....LOL!

Have a lovely day & hopefully I will chat again soon.



  1. Hey, where you been shopping girl? Those rub-ons look delectable. Also hoping to start and finish my Glimpses album this weekend. Great pic of Cas. what a beautiful child! Love all the ones of M on the different rides....I never have coins for them and the girls are always disappointed!

  2. Jordan loves those rides too... Jordan ride Jet ski... JOrdan ride JET SKIIIII! funny kids.

    and hey, atleast it is something that can be repeated! In our house the rule is don't say anything you don't want screamed out in church. hee hee. Jordan usually calls out, SHUSH! SHUSH!

    love those rubons...

    and i left a note for you on my blog comments about the picture size on blogger...

  3. hiya nice pics, where is the Gramsy dress? will skype - such vaiety here in UK,we spend hours just looking at the groceries available 8-] where did you get the 'rubons?' chat soon....

  4. Lovely photos of the kids, I seem to have seen the rubons somewhere before...? Enjoy.


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