Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bit of a BUZZ!

This post is very much a 'gush-about-the-kid' for the grandparents, type of post, so be warned hee!hee!

Today our house was filled with the laughter of a Star Ranger......Buzz Light year, to be precise. It is the first dress up costume Max has ever had & he is SO in love with it that he had to sleep in it too LOL! (Without the wings....thankfully) It is 2 sizes too big (even tho the label says small) but he cared not one little bit. The wings I fashioned from a extra piece of ceiling board & a now BUZZ can fly!
You know.... midst the aaarh! times we experience in life, I am realizing more & more that it is moments like these that help fuzz out the icky part of parenting. It is moments like these that I draw on when I am blurry eyed, tired & ratty from being up 5 times in a night for every excuse imaginable. The $ spent on this costume is now irrelevant as I listen 'To infinity & beyond.....! being yelled from on top the drawer unit in Max's room', it is a moment I will never forget. My child, happy, is enough!

Here are a few pic's from the Watson Mamarazzi~Now is this little imp just the cutest??? (Well most of the time anyway :o)


  1. You got some really cute pics! =)

  2. Lovely post, lovely pics too.
    Can you believe that I have a photo (those were the days pre-digital) of Josh as a cute 4 year-old also saying to infinity and beyond. Toy Story still has to be one of my favs.

  3. Toy story is a classic, amazing Scott also loved it.

  4. To the Starres and beyond ....swissshhhhh


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