Monday, July 27, 2009

Good start!

Ha-ha!! it is certainly a great start to my week.

I am very honored to be featured here this week....Catherine & Kerry are such great gals & have an amazing quarterly magazine that is really worth subscribing to. The details to do so can be found here.

You always make me feel like a star, thanks guys!


  1. you ARE a star my friend!!! A very talented one at that!! you deserve all the spotlights you get! oh and guess what? I finally got my hands on the issue of CK and saw us on the same page too!!! Your layout kicks some bootay! i love how you used the golf tee and ruler...fabulous! you're good!! I was excited to finally see it!!

  2. woo hoo. check out that snazzy header - am loving it girl! off to check out the link....


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