Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I met this other happy scrapper yesterday....I had never been to her house & had therefore never seen her scrap room before. I walked in and was gob-smacked! She had so much stash & so many gadgets that I just stood there with my jaw hangin' open. After mopping up the drool & forced myself to open some of the piles of very organised & labeled boxes that were around. In them was everything a scrappy heart would desire.....I am in love....I saw tools of the trade in the flesh that I had never seen before, other on the internet. Michelle you are my HERO!

I need these...I want these.....

And one of these.....titles & embellishments...a breeze :o)
But one of these would be OK too..... Joscie is the real pro with this darlin'.
And I have discovered that no scrap room is complete without one of these.....Xyron, no more Mono glue & tweezers :o)

Oh hubbie.....



  1. I am praying for your covetous heart! *wink A

    And that CK publish many my LO's so you can buy all the gadgets yourself OR BETTER STILL...

    that you get the DT and give GIVEN all these delicious things!

  2. Oh Hubbie here...

    I FEEEeeel the pressure, the things it takes to keep the stay at home woman happy hu? I'll work harder ( so that i can afford a lotto ticket at last) Nah, at the right time it will all happen for you.
    Your bloke

  3. Kim, atleast you can share her tools?! or move down the street from me. I'll share while you build your own stash! :)

  4. Ooooh! What are the first too? Love that yuour bloke actually posts on your blog! Mine only reads my blog so that he knows what happens while he's at work.

  5. It didn't post....its hovering in cyberspace.....somewheeeeeeeeerrre
    Kj- zeeee crazeeeee woooman you don't need this stash.....

  6. Yes, I want the Bind-it-all too....did you get to use it? What has she done with it? I have the Xyron 900 and LOVE it, but sometimes you do need to use glue, too! ;)

  7. Hello, I am the owner of the said stash that KJ was ranting about (Sorry Hubby)!!! Not too sure when my name changed to Michelle though. LOL Yes, Kim did literally salivate and I WAS tempted to search her before they left. The Bind it all is an awesome toy & I am more than happy to dem it to anyone who wants to see..I am not a shop owner just a big kid with big kid toys. Hugs, Bridget


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